Hoops, the must-have earrings for all on-trend looks

Hoops, the must-have earrings for all on-trend looks

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Hoop earrings are a style that has survived the centuries and remain a popular fashion accessory. Their simple, elegant design and versatility make them a great choice for earring styles for all occasions.

From the origin of hoop earrings to the most on-trend designs of the moment, Satellite Paris takes a look at the hoop earring fashion phenomenon.

The origin of hoop earrings

A jewel inherited from times past

Ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman antiquity: archaeologists and anthropologists have found evidence that hoop earrings were worn long ago. These earrings indicated the wearer’s status, were made of silver, gold or bronze, and are thought to have originated in Nubia (present-day Sudan).

Who was the hoop earring style passed on to? History proves it: to everyone! They were a popular piece of jewellery among African and Creole women, after whom they are named in French. At the beginning of the 20th century, they made a remarkable comeback, but remained associated with tribal cultures, particularly Amerindian ones.

Hoop earrings are also associated with the gypsy culture. Dance and music are no strangers to this.      The frenzied rhythms of the guitars and the gypsy music made the hoops on the dancers' ears shimmer and tinkle. Although hoop earrings now worn by all communities, they retain their gypsy, bohemian charm.

The hoop earring trend

In the 1920s, the garçonne haircut, which revealed the ears, and the renewed interest in Orientalism boosted the popularity of hoop earrings and restored their desirability in the eyes of the general public.

Since then, from the disco looks of the 80s to the Latin-influenced hip-hop rhythms of the 90s, hoop earrings have made their way into the most popular looks. They are proudly displayed on the lobes of artists and celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez or Bella Hadid.

Worn by both men and women (earrings were once the preserve of pirates), hoop earrings have become a symbol of female emancipation. They affirm the seductive power of a confident woman. Our unique handmade earrings for women reveal your style and personality at a glance.

What are the trends for hoop earrings? 

The jewellery of the moment is without a doubt the earring! In this category, ear studs may well be popular, but the hoop has lost none of its appeal.

The circular shape of the hoop is the only standard, but nothing prohibits originality. Our Ninon model and its spiral shape, highlighted by the white mother-of-pearl, proves it.

Hoop earrings can range in size from small earrings that hug the earlobe to maxi earrings that skim the chin. The gold-plated hoop earring is always a safe bet, crafted in delicate metal, in a smooth or twisted style, there is no chance of making a style error. Hoop earrings are available in all styles, from minimalist fine gold-plated metal to highly embellished, there is something for everyone.

Hoop earrings are also a great option for a chic look! You may not be aware of it, but the high-end jewellery designers also turning to hoops for inspiration. There are many brands offering diamond-studded mini hoops.

To innovate with the shape of these circular earrings, designers have come up with modern shapes inspired by half-moons or geometric patterns. Our Atria hoop earrings in pearly metal with a glittery enamel resin cabochon offer an elegant interpretation of these new design codes.

To embrace the vintage jewellery trend, the vintage hoop earring is best chosen in a medium size, not too thin and slightly rounded, like our Amelita turquoise resin earrings.

Wondering how to fasten hoop earrings? Whether you have pierced ears or not, this trend will be a favourite with you. We offer various designs and clasps so that you can wear our handmade hoop earrings.

The Satellite Paris hoop earring, a lucky charm with mixed influences 

While the status-related role of jewellery has been abandoned in favour of aesthetics, hoop earrings continue to evoke an almost mystical appeal. This may be due to its original shape, as the closed ring of this circular earring style is a symbol of unity, fullness and infinity.

At Maison Satellite Paris, we love to create talismanic jewellery that protects you and enhances your beauty on a daily basis. Like charm bracelets, the hoop earring lends itself perfectly to becoming a lucky charm jewel.

Inspired by a blend of cultures, influenced by travel and openness to the world, our high-fashion jewellery gives you a chic, on-trend style. The hoop earring is an iconic piece of Satellite jewellery. Buying jewellery in Paris inevitably leads our customers to our stores to buy the best hoop earrings.

The Ninon and Allegria collections are the most vivid incarnations of this. Our in-house designers and craftsmen have chosen each coloured stone in this bohemian jewellery. Silk filigree and metallic threads hold green agate (associated with the heart chakra) or lapis lazuli (source of strength and serenity) beads in place. The metal, gilded with fine gold, is tamed by our artisans to form a precious ring.

The fine hoops in the Asuka collection are also made of hard stone beads selected by our workshops for their hues and symbolism. Delicate and refined, these jewels add a touch of colour to any look.

Noor, inspired by oriental jewellery, has created an ultra-feminine version of the hoop earring in gold-plated metal with lace-like openings. Their elongated shape subtly elongates the silhouette.

How to wear hoop earrings for flawless style

Our unique Parisian hoop earring designs will enhance your look from dawn to dusk. Worn alone, in a pair or in accumulation, the mini hoop earring is an ideal option for this on-trend jewellery. Fall for these refined and feminine Iancura mini hoop earrings set with freshwater pearls and haematite.

Teaming hoop earrings up with different outfits shows the versatility of this piece of fashion jewellery. They showcase the bohemian style of a long printed summer dress and feminise a swimming costume with the hair pulled back to better reveal their beauty. Worn with jeans and a white T-shirt, they give a minimalist look a real twist. Don't forget to pack several pairs in your holiday suitcase !

Discover our collection of hoop earrings.

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