Jewellery designers: at the heart of high fashion know-how

Jewellery designers: at the heart of high fashion know-how

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The limitless imagination of high-fashion jewellery designers

Fashion jewellery is a fascinating world of colours, shapes and materials. Designers compete with each other in their collections, to create original jewellery that expresses your personality. A Parisian brand of high-end fashion jewellery, Satellite Paris showcases the nobility of haute fantaisie.

Exuberant, colourful and accessible, high fashion is free from the constraints of haute joaillerie. But high fashion jewellery is just as much about respect for traditional know-how as the high end pieces. Each piece is adorned with noble materials enhanced by artisan techniques that are just as virtuoso as those used at Place Vendôme. 

Push open the door of the original fashion jewellery designer studios and learn the secrets of their appeal.

Original jewellery blending cultural inspirations

More accessible than high-end jewellery, the components that make up fashion jewellery unleash designers’ imagination. Being daring is allowed! The range of high fashion jewellery is varied for on-trend jewellery in keeping with current styles, each high-end fashion jewellery brand offers seasonal collections. For its stores, Satellite Paris aims to combine original creations with high quality.

In high fashion, designers dare to be bold and combine new colours and materials. Several collections are revealed throughout the year, depending on the season. All sets, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, are available in a wide range of styles.

At our Parisian design studio, our designers   create original and colourful fashion jewellery sets:     

The baroque spirit of Satellite Paris blends Prestige crystals, rhinestones and coloured cabochons to create exuberant sets like those of the Chiara or Amelita collections. 

Nomads at heart, we use coloured stones, feathers and Japanese seed beads to create on-trend jewellery that appears to have come from far-flung shores. 

When luxury imitates high-end fashion jewellery

The appeal of high fashion and its original jewellery is so great that haute joaillerie is inspired by it! So Bulgari recreates the colour combinations on its necklaces and earrings, mixing precious stones and hard stones. Gabriel Chanel enjoyed wearing quality costume jewellery made from glass paste, resin, glass beads and freshwater pearls rather than precious stones.

More extravagant, more intense, but still elegant, high-end fashion jewellery brand creations have even been seen on the haute couture catwalks. What better way to showcase their extravagant, opulent style?  

Rigour and know-how: jewellery without concessions

Variety and preciousness of materials

The variety of designs and materials used by a high-end fashion jewellery designer is amazing! Our on-trend jewellery design studio is constantly looking for quality components for modern, affordable and sustainable jewellery. 

Each detail selected by our Parisian design studio is chosen for its authentic beauty and quality. Metals can be gold or silver plated. The Prestige crystals replace diamonds, while hard stones or “natural stones”, such as amethyst, turquoise, amazonite or malachite, add colour and impart protective properties to our jewellery in the Parisian bohemian-chic style.

These fairly-priced original creations allow you to wear your jewellery on a daily basis without risk and to change it regularly to create a collection that reflects your style. They also make really great gifts.

Artisan gestures and skills

Since the 1980s, Maison Satellite Paris has been creating on-trend jewellery to accompany the rise of high fashion; even blending our creations with haute couture know-how for a "Parisian" style. 

As beautiful on the front as on the back, our feminine jewellery uses the traditional manufacturing techniques of feather marquetry, plique à jour enamel, filigree weaving or fine gold-plated metal granulation. These techniques give our high-fashion jewellery its elegance while preserving these artisan gestures.

Inspiration research and drawings: everything starts in the heart of the City of Light in our design studio. The prototypes of our jewellery for women are created here. A quality and feasibility study determine the fate of the collection. 

High quality and technicality in fashion jewellery

The ballet of our artisans then begins. With passion and dedication, they compose and assemble the necessary parts by hand: up to 1,600 for our Claudia necklace! it took three months for their vision to take shape.

Thanks to technical innovation, high-end fashion jewellery brands are also able to offer creations that are lighter and more hard-wearing than those of the high-end jewellery industry. 

Offering greater creative freedom than haute joaillerie, fashion jewellery allows for unlimited originality at a more affordable price without ever sacrificing quality. From the simplest piece to the most unusual, this French designed and made jewellery  adds colour to an outfit and makes it stand out. In France and around the world, our high quality fashion jewellery brand has been contributing to the influence of this decorative Art that is emblematic of Parisian fashion since 1984.

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