The Satellite Paris jewellery studio and its handmade creations

The Satellite Paris jewellery studio and its handmade creations

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The Satellite Paris jewellery studio, between art and craft for handmade pieces

Fashion jewellery is an essential accessory for personalising and enhancing your outfits. For high quality jewellery that will last you a lifetime, you can turn to jewellery artisans who create unique pieces by hand. At Satellite Paris, fashion and quality go hand in hand!

Inspiration as a starting point for the creation of fashion jewellery

Founded in Paris in 1987, our company has been cultivating unrivalled expertise in the creation of original, handmade fashion jewellery for over 30 years. Each of our pieces is crafted with care and passion by skilled jewellers, for jewellery that is on-trend and has lasting appeal. 

Each piece of Satellite Paris jewellery is a work of art that tells a story and reflects your personality. We are proud to offer exclusive creations, a blend of vintage jewellery and travel souvenirs. The bohemian chic style of the Silma collection with its hard stones is a perfect example.

Sumptuous and original creations

As with haute couture or haute joaillerie, it all starts in the imagination at our design studio in Paris. Research, re-reading our archives and reinterpreting styles: the smallest detail can inspire our next collection of high fashion jewellery. 

The abundant imagination of our designers gives rise to pieces that can’t be found in high-end jewellery collections, which are hindered by the cost of their raw materials. More accessible for both the jeweller and the customer, replicas or original fashion jewellery pieces can dare to be extravagant. The designers at Maison Satellite Paris make sketches and designs before testing the feasibility of all the jewellery by making handmade prototypes.

Exceptional jewellery for women’s daily lives

Style is not the only criterion in our fashion jewellery studio. Jewellery should be comfortable, easy to live with and last over time, so that it can be worn year after year and accompany you on your holidays or weekends away. 

Maison Satellite Paris pays particular attention to the smallest detail and works with artisans who have been recognised for many years for their reliability and dexterity. Both the front and the back are equally well made, demonstrating the quality of the finish of our high fashion jewellery. 

Making Satellite Paris jewellery: handmade fashion pieces

The Satellite high fashion jewellery studio makes it a point of honour to design its handcrafted jewellery in Paris. Its affordable creations are no less elaborate than those of the biggest houses. The originality of the designs, the feasibility study of the prototypes, the selection of materials and the assembly of the components are marked by the requirement and the passion of each Satellite Paris jeweller. 

Carefully selected materials

The selection of materials is a crucial step for the Satellite Paris jewellery studio. We are committed to using high quality materials: coloured stones, freshwater pearls, Prestige crystals or Japanese seed beads and precious metals for on-trend, high quality handmade jewellery.

Satellite jewellery is easily recognisable and the choice of raw materials plays a key role in this. Original materials have become our signature, such as natural feathers, wood or sea bamboo for the Allegria hoop earrings.

Each bead and component is selected and sorted on the basis of its quality, colour or brilliance. Once the materials have been selected, the Satellite Paris artisans begin to produce a series of designs by assembling the multiple elements selected. Shape, colour and volume breathe life into our fashion jewellery.

Artisan production techniques

Satellite Paris artisans work closely with the creative studio and designers to patiently ensure that each piece of jewellery they make matches the vision and quality standards of our Parisian house. 

Throughout the production process, Satellite Paris artisans pay particular attention to detail. Each element is carefully checked to ensure that the jewellery is hard-wearing and comfortable to wear. 

The manual production of our fashion jewellery is a true work of art: each stage is marked by the passion, know-how and patient dedication of the artisans with whom we have worked since the company was founded. We have chosen to entrust the manufacture of our high fashion jewellery to a workshop located in Thailand, with its artisans who are recognised for their dexterity and the quality of the finishes. 

Making a piece of jewellery by hand allows for a level of detail that is impossible to match with industrial manufacturing. The gesture of the hand is also the gesture that imparts originality to your jewel, which is made unique by the experience of the jeweller who created it. 

A love of detail in the spirit of haute couture

The fine gold-plated metal is cut, bent and soldered to create the desired shape. The natural stones are carefully set and the beads are hand-stitched in place to give our jewellery an haute couture feel.

Filigree, plique-à-jour enamel, bead embroidery or feather marquetry are all skills borrowed from prestige watchmaking, haute couture and haute joaillerie in the creation of our jewellery, making them true fashion accessories 

Maison Satellite Paris : high fashion jewellery studio

Maison Satellite Paris women's jewellery showcases the beauty of materials, but also your own beauty. Finesse and delicacy are the result of the artisan quality of our creations. Our Capraia sleeper earrings in fine gold-plated metal and white mother-of-pearl, magnified by the plique-à-jour enamel technique, bear testimony to this.

As Parisian jewellery designers, we are proud to showcase the meticulous and artistic work of our artisans. This unique approach to fashion jewellery design and creation  allows us to offer you high quality, handmade and on-trend jewellery every season, while preserving fascinating artisan techniques and know-how.

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