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A blend of ornaments and good luck charms from India, America, Venetian palaces or the tales of 1001 nights, Satellite Paris' women’s high-fashion bracelets bring the world to your wrists. Explore the infinite possibilities of the bracelet in all its styles, ethnic, delicate bangle, graphic, baroque, sophisticated cuff or maxi metal chain...

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As the seasons go by, Satellite displays its eclectic style and imposes its stylish bracelets adorned with Ikat-style painted fabric, leather, feathers or real python. Semi-precious stones are in the spotlight, interspersed with pearls of all kinds and other natural materials. Satellite asserts its taste for artisanal bracelets, sailing between land and sea, at the crossroads of continents. Ethnic bracelets, Indian jewellery, rock cuffs or gri-gri links, these resolutely feminine designer jewels will adapt to each of your desires and can be worn alone or stacked jewellery style. It's up to you! Add to this our other ethnic jewels to have a more brilliant effect!