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Stones and materials from the four corners of the earth

Bohemian crystal, Cinese mother-of-pearl, Tiger’s eye: At SATELLITE we are fond of using materials picked up here, there and everywhere, stones and symbols that represent the quest so dear to the heart of anthropologists and collectors.

Our creations are literally a cross-polination of rich and audacious alliances. Semi-precious stones rub alongside seed pearls, feathers, lacquer or velvet ribbons.

Artisan Jewels

We attach great detail to our creations. Metal is finely chiseled and polished, silk threads are embroidered, pearls are threaded individually, stones are sewn on by hand, etc..

In the beginning, we call on the expertise of a multitude of craftsmen. Enamellers, gilders, embroiderers to name but a few. It’s thanks to their talent and the numerous steps involved in the creative process that the pieces gradually come to life. Every creation is made up of time itself, every piece is unique.

Each creation also tells a story, in part, that of the artisans with whom we work. We enjoy close, long-term relationships. Some of our partnerships date back to the beginning of SATELLITE. We know each other well, we think and we grow together.

material Satellitematerial Satellite
material Satellitematerial Satellite

Sandrine dixit

The woman who inspires me is feminine. She’s a womanly woman, exuding sensuality, refinement and elegance.

She’s different. A nomadic free spirit who knows how to stray from the beaten track, be bold and make her own unique statement.

She’s authentic, natural and attractive mainly because she’s true to herself and free of fashion’s dictates.

She’s unique yet multi-faceted at the same time. My jewellery is a reflection of her life and her desires. For her, it could be a discreet pendant that accompanies her daily like a talisman, an incandescent set of jewels to shine out for an evening or a "barock" cuff to add a touch of fantasy to a strict suit